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The Bottom Line

   I have no interest in being a bump on a log (or an ideologue, which to me is just as useless). What I do know is that there are some things that need doing in the Kansas Legislature.  So here are some of them:

Expand Medicaid and oversee KanCare. They say we can't afford it (even though we get back $9 for every $1 we put into it with hard cash from the Fed, not including economic turnaround). What they really mean is, KanCare is not equipped to handle the massive influx of funding and customers. I say if KanCare, a private for-profit entity, can't do it, then we'll find someone who will.

Finance our schools properly and protect teachers and students. The Republicans want to take away the say of local school districts and courts; having only the legislature govern public school funding. To me, that is Anti-American. But it's no surprise seeing as they also want to take away local governments' rights to self-determination. Do you really want Topeka running everything?

Legalize medical marijuana (which is a business decision almost as much as a humanitarian one, and I would love to see Kansas farmers on top of that industry). And I'm tired of citizens and Veterans dying because we don't have it.

Save and improve the Kansas mental health system including Osawatomie State Hospital without privatization. There are plans actively developing to dismantle one of our largest local employers already, as referenced on this site. We have to stop them!

Change or eliminate some of the draconian restrictions on farmers to manage their own affairs (like lifting the restrictions on dairy farmers who want to advertise their raw milk and raw milk products on social media or notices at local bulletin boards, and stop tying crop planting restrictions to operation improvement assistance).

Raise the minimum wage in Kansas to $10.25 an hour by January 1, 2022, in $1 per hour annual increments starting on January 1, 2020. (It's the proper and historical, even providential, way to do this). In the news section of this site, I provide the math, and the proof.

Protect Unions. End no-bid contracts where possible!

FUND KPERS! (Kansas Public Employees Retirement System) It's in trouble. Thanks, Brownback. Just like so much of our infrastructure, we have to clean up the mess left by the bunch currently running the show.

The bottom line is, that if you care about these issues, support this campaign. I'm the one you can trust never to waiver or falter on them, never to be bought to change her mind, for money or power.

And I care about every resident, regardless of age, gender, race, marital status, orientation, disability, religion, and wealth.

Including you!




Lassey for Kansas, Roger Sims, Treasurer
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