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Warning! Osawatomie State Hospital's Demise is Being Discussed Openly Now

To Residents of Osawatomie and the surrounding area, a warning!

The gloves are now off. In an interview with, Kyle Kessler, president of the Association of Mental Health Centers of Kansas, says his organization is actively seeking feedback for a plan that will likely close down the Osawatomie State Hospital or greatly reduce the number of patients served there. And the hundreds of good state jobs with benefits? Gone forever.

According to him, the plan includes 25-year private lease contracts on beds at for-profit facilities elsewhere across the state for the severely mentally ill currently being cared for at OSH. This plan is being developed with the Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services.

Make no mistakes, people of the 5th District, which includes of course, Osawatomie. This means your property values will decrease. Your tax base will decrease. Your livelihoods will decrease.

They've wanted to do this for a long time. Brownback put it into high gear. And now it's in Overdrive. Will we allow it? Will we go down without a fight? No!

I guarantee you one thing. If you send me to Topeka, I will fight the loss of the Osawatomie State Hospital with every breath and seek to restore and improve it.

I would invite my Republican opponent to say where they are on this issue.

As for me, not on my watch!

Help me fight to improve mental health services across the state - including
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Here is the link to the interview and the story:



Lassey for Kansas, Roger Sims, Treasurer
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