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We need compassion for cancer patients!

Kris Kobach hurt Kansas deeply when he told people dying of cancer to "Go eat Doritos". If only they could.

But without medical marijuana, most waste away because they eat nothing. I've seen it up close and it's ghastly and horrible. The pharmaceutical companies make expensive drugs to mock how a simple plant works to combat nausea and bring back appetites, and I watched as they failed utterly. And I, like many of you, knew that it was needless suffering because if a few people like him had any humanity at all, they could have possibly beaten the cancer and maybe not died of starvation as well.

I don't want to lose another loved one this way. Do you? I'm asking you to support my campaign for the 5th House of Representatives. You can volunteer or donate on this website.



Lassey for Kansas, Roger Sims, Treasurer
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